Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Homemade Tricks to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing set of skin care principles, and practices are not necessarily limited to only facial care routine. Unfortunately, professional foot pampering at the salon can be very expensive, and they may not meet your expectations. However, there are some homemade tricks that are guaranteed to shine and keep your feet healthy:

1. Soak your feet in milk and water.

Milk and water mixture makes a good soaking bath for tired feet. The mixing of warm milk and hot water, and soak your feet below would be a very relaxing experience. Do not forget to wash your feet with clean water and dry immediately.

2. Bathing your feet in lavender.

Lavender foot bath is a homemade recipe that your feet will surely love. It uses lavender oil, lavender stalks and fresh roses to give your feet relief refreshing and aromatic.

3. Wash your feet with brown sugar mixture.

Sugar is known as an excellent exfoliant, especially the brown sugar. Mix brown sugar, ground oatmeal, aloe vera gel and lemon juice will certainly slough off dead skin cells which are abundant in the foot.

4. Rub your feet with peppermint.

Rub with peppermint to give a twist, refreshing mint to treat common foot. You will need peppermint oil, along with eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil and grapeseed oil to feel the freshness. Add the brown sugar will make the mixture is ready for scrubbing.

5. Exfoliate your feet with strawberries.

Strawberry extracts makes great exfoliant as well, because they are rich in alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). When dead skin cells sloughed off, revealing glowing skin healthy looking legs exposed.

6. Moisturize your feet regularly.

As important as it is to exfoliate, moisturize your feet is a must. This is done to restore the natural moisture of the foot is often removed from the peeling of the skin too much, and even stress. Essentials oils, beeswax and cocoa butter are used in most homemade lotion to hydrate enough legs.

7. Apply a foot balm.

Foot balm may not make a common practice, but the homemade foot balm really make great moisturizing ingredients as well. Essential oils and beeswax are common make-up at the foot balm, leaving your legs really smooth and supple.

8. Whiten your legs with lemon.

Lemon has a strong bleaching property, and add the baking soda until it forms a paste-like consistency is a good recipe for whitening your feet. It would be nice to see your legs look more radiant each and every day.

9. Controlling excessive foot perspiration.

Some people experience excessive sweating in the feet, and this is often a major faux pas socially. Soaking your feet sweat in warm water with Epsom salt will give you amazing results within a few weeks.

10. Treat your feet hurt.

Spent the day working, walking or shopping will make you very tired legs. Try mixing the aromatic oils with corn oil and olive oil in a large bowl. Soaking your feet in this mixture will provide greater therapeutic relief.

Actually there are a lot of homemade recipes that will allow you to come up with a cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing agents to help keep your feet healthy-looking. With some experimentation, you'll know what kind of home-made solution is best for you.


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